Wood and Mixed Media Sculpture

Duncan's Delight with his New Chariot

Long ago I started a collection of carved wooden bottle stoppers. They were mostly carved heads but there were also a few animal carvings. Many had moving parts – heads that nod, hats that tip, arms that gesture, tongues that stick-out, and couples that kiss. Many others were static figures often elaborately costumed or humorously depicted. Over the years the collection grew to the hundreds. Most came from the alpine region of northeastern Italy near the Austrian and Swiss borders and were made by carvers working for a company called ANRI. Gradually the collection grew to include ceramic stoppers from England, Germany and Japan. Each stopper, whether wooden or ceramic, has a unique personality.

I greatly enjoy incorporating these stoppers into my assemblages that may otherwise include elements of other collections including antique tools, pieces from an antique European version of the Erector Set called Meccano, and other found or created elements. My goal is to capture the personalities of the characters, to put them in a conveyance or in a place, and to create a scene that begins to tell a story  -- leaving it to the viewer to complete the tale. By being part of each work, it is the implied story that carries that work to a larger realm and the creates the possibility of endless delight.

I also enjoy searching for old tools and interesting metal scraps, particularly old and corroded fasteners, that can be incorporated with wood that I turn, carve, or shape in some other fashion to create new things, often based on animals or other objects found in nature.  Lately I have been focusing on these mixed-media sculptures.  Some  works aim to heighten the beauty of both the wood and the metal. Most are creatures of my  peculiar imagination that provide commentary on our modern world.

Knowledge Breaks Down Walls (Carved mixed hardwoods, Wood Composite, Acrylic Paint, Ribbon)

Harvest Moon Hunter (Turned, Carved and Textured Poplar, Acrylic Paint)

  Oyster Platter (Carved Pine, Turned Holly, Acrylic and Milk Paint)

   Sandlot Memories (turned and carved white oak and poplar, acrylic paint)


The Locavore (with elements                Sushi Boat -- a birthday gift for 
recycled from the Chef's Portrait          my grandson Wes (Locust and White Oak)
-- see below)


Prospero's Magical Cloak (from The Tempest, Act !, Sc 2)
Turned and carved Apple on a piece of shipwreck, acrylic paint, antique jewelry

        The Shop Drone (an idea from my grandson, Gray)

A Cultural Map of the US  (Maple Panels, Dyed Birch Plywood, Walnut and Vintage Figural Stoppers)

A Cultural Map... East                    A  Cultural Map... West

Blues Crab  (Carved Poplar with elements of turned cherry, walnut and fir; weathered oak pier)

A Very Hungry Caterpillar -- A Tribute to The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
A work created for the exhibit titled "Turning the Page: Children's Book Illustrations" at
the Strathmore Art Center, N. Bethesda, MD from June 11 to July 31, 2016.

     Medusa (turned and carved poplar, maple, auger bits)
            (Spirit of 2017)

       Puckerfish                                                                                            (pOTUS)

    Hudson River Rockfish                    Chained Pickerel

Graham, Josip, Luigi, and Jacques               The Seeker                      
Take Flight in their Antique Plane

    Acorn   (White Oak and Acorn Caps)                                         

               Black Nest                                  Kaffee Klatsch                     Hans Likes his New Wheels
                                                                                                              (but Frieda isn't so sure)

  Gertrude is Tough on her Crew    Gertrude is Tough on her Crew                   Bug eats Frog      

   Viking Flowerpot                           Last Fourth of July Concert in the Cherry Pavilion

        Ladybugs                                        Ladybugs                           Forest Gnomes Happily Guarding
                                                                                                         Their Treasure

            Forest Gnomes...              Ace (maple and purple heart, metal objects, ceramic stopper)

   Celebrity Quest (cherry with vintage ceramic pourers and stoppers)

 Luster (Teak, Scrap Metal, Plastic Button)        Raven (Oak, Purple Heart, Metal Pourer, Scrap Nails)

A Log on an Ant (Oak, Scrap Nails, Glass)

Mythical Creature #3 -                   Cherry Pond
The Level Headed Politician   (Cherry, Compressed Maple, found objects)
(light bulb, mahogany,
antique level, found objects)

   Angelina Emerging (Mahogany, Vintage animated stopper)

  Angelina Dancing on the Head of a Pin  (Maple, assorted hardwoods, animated stopper)

  "Drew Faulkner, Une Dame D'Escoffier -- A Culinary History"  A personal portrait of the chef created for
  the show entitled "Women Chefs, Artists in the Kitchen",  at the Strathmore Art Center, N. Bethesda, MD  9/2015 - 11/2015

Prices are available on request.