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Welcome to Rich Foa Creations.Com

The contents of this website are all the result of the decision that I made in 2010 to leave the field of clinical neurology and the practice of medicine where I had spent the preceding thirty seven years of my life. Neurology had absorbed virtually all of my attention until then. I began my transition as a student at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding, one of fifty-some students of varying ages and backgrounds with a shared commitment to craftsmanship and creativity. I have not looked back. I hope, as you peruse this website, that you will share in the delight that I have found as a maker and writer.

Me at the launch of my boat, the "Little Chameleon", in August 2011 and

the beginning of my career in wood art.

A Pete Culler designed Wherry Yawl, "Little Chameleon" was built with classmates at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding under the supervision of instructor Jack Becker. She is a traditionally constructed lapstrake boat with a sprit rig; sapele keel, stem, transom and rails; cedar planks; oak frames; and spruce spars. Lofting was started in March 2011 and construction completed in July. "Stem ornaments" that change the character of the boat and give her her name are not part of Culler's original design. They are purely a product of my imagination...as is much of what else you will see on my website.

as an Aircraft Carrier as a Water Taxi as a Car Ferry